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It didn't happen overnight...

We learned from experience.

We began our journey in Fayetteville, NC at a small shop on Bonanza Drive. Here we would learn that we had a lot to learn. We spent two years ironing out the details, perfecting the recipes, creating the manuals, revising the plans and making our customers happy-- time and time again. We maintained an average of 4.6/5 in customer satisfaction across all major platforms!

In our second year, we operated a juice manufacturing facility in Apex, NC. It would be here that we crafted our amazing Cold Pressed Juices and Tropical Drinks. The lessons learned here, in expediency and quality control, would pave the way for our westward move into the Oklahoma City market!


We are proud to announce that we will be moving both our Caribbean Express Restaurants and Earthhouse Juices and Drinks brands to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We plan to be operating in the OKC area by mid 2020, follow us on Facebook for future updates and coupons!


We look forward to serving you soon!